Why Cosmic Dog House?

The cosmos contains infinite possibilities and within this intangible and unfathomable space is Dog, also known to us as companionship. Cosmic Dog House orbits around companionship as the vital organ of creation and believes that love and joy are transmutable through paper. We believe that any piece of functioning printing equipment can mean boundless opportunities. The House is merely the ever-changing container in which all of our values are held. It is where we gather, whether in person, online, or in books and zines. Here, we come together as unique individuals who may be here for similar reasons, but who have varied backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. Within the Cosmic Dog House, we meet at the intersection of each other to discuss our dreams and imagine what could be, so that together we can materialize what might otherwise have been impossible.

What we do...

Cosmic Dog House Press is an independent publisher that specializes in risograph printing, zines, and book making. We are a communit forward press, meaning we prioritize uplifting the voices of our neighbors. Specifically, we aim to help folx who’ve been underserved within fine arts spaces by offering access to printing as a mode of communication through which information can be dispersed with
intention and care. We are interested in creating periodical publications, playful projects, and accessible art as an act of resistance to capitalism. Printmaking is historically and currently a mechanism that has been variously exploited by the patriarchy, by the ruling class, and by the colonizer, while simultaneously existing as a tool for revolution. We want to help provide resources for revolution at Cosmic Dog House, and intend to provide a material platform where our voices can contribute to the expansion of our (un)learning and understanding as a collective. Connection is at the heart of what we do and we want to help amplify content that generates joy, compassion, and tenderness within our communities.